Elliot N

Model Stats

Age - 14

Model Type - Teen Model

Eye Colour - Brown

Hair Colour - Light Brown

Hair Length - Short

Height (Feet) - 5

Height (Inches) - 8

Shoe Size - 7

Child Models

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Child Modelling

Child Modelling can be a fun way to spend a day with your child, and a good way to earn a little extra cash, and as you can imagine, there is always demand for fresh new faces, as the previous child models get older and move out of particular modelling age brackets.

Majestic Models Agency is committed to working with parents to ensure each child enters the modelling world safely, and that parent and child are both ready, and prepared for what's involved. We will assist you every step of the way.

There is a huge range of child modelling work available, from TV advertisements, magazine advertising, children's clothing catalogues, to even becoming a poster child for a children's organisation. The money made from child modelling may not be enough to set them up for life, but could be a nice contribution to education or other costs further down the road.

For a Child Model Agency

These agencies will require an up-to-date, clear photograph of your child. To give the best impression, and also to take advantage of online child model directories and if you'd prefer to manage your child's modelling career yourself, you'll need a high quality portfolio. If you decide to get a professional model portfolio with our expert team, we can offer advice and a critique of your child's performance in front of the camera and advise of the best range of photos to appeal to child model agencies and clients.

Many parents take their children to a photographic studio and spend a lot of money having photographs taken, without understanding how to best present their child in order to win bookings. Particularly when it comes to teens, some photographers and studios will try to make the child look older than they are - when in fact the opposite should be aimed for. If you are applying to a child model agency, it is advantageous for the child to look exactly their age, if not younger, rather than older than they are.

When applying to child model agencies, avoid having your child dressed up in frilly dresses or uncomfortable clothing for the photographs you are going to submit. Don't bother with fussy accessories like bow ties or ribbons in the hair, don't dress them up in costumes or create elaborate cutesy backgrounds.

If you decide to get a professional model shoot with us, we will advise on the best possible way to present your child, to give them the best chance of being selected by agencies or directly with clients. If you wish to create a family album for posterity, then by all means get as fancy as you like! But for professional modelling work, simple is best.

Teenage Modelling

There is demand for a wide range of younger female models in the modelling industry, from gaunt catwalk models to sexy curves for catalogue lingerie, to fresh young faces for teen magazines, to girl-next-door looks for catalogue products.

To become a top model, you have to stand out from the rest, ensuring you are as confident as the models you aspire to be - when you have the right attitude, you are well on your way to becoming a model. In modelling especially, starting younger is a good idea, and gives you time to develop your talent. Also, there is no requirement to fit the mould or have a certain look, indeed new types of modelling, including plus size modelling has increased in demand in recent years.

Teen models show us the most exclusive new trends in beauty and fashion, they are the faces of brands, products, fashion houses and even perfumes. Teenage models can make a lot of money and live glamorous lives - but it's not all champagne and parties - there is a lot of hard work involved, and an investment of time, energy and money - if you want to be a top teenage model.